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Exir Broadcasting manufactures a wide variety of adapters for flange and unflange rigid line and other connectors. Custom designs are also available.

We guarantee VSWR lower than 1.05 on every adapter. The maximum power is the same as the specifications for the smallest diameter/connector. Measurement protocols and more detailed specifications concerning the materials used are available on request.

The adapters that we manufacture are made from solid silver-plated brass or low loss aluminium. The most common material for support and isolation details is high quality teflon (PTFE). The teflon is electrically controlled before being milled and lathed into its final shape. As different types of teflon have different electrical characteristics, these measurements are monitored to help us maintain uniform high quality. All models with flanges at both ends are fully water-proof. Joints and holes for screws are covered with high quality EPDM or silicone O-rings. These gaskets also maintain internal gas pressure in pressurised systems.


  • Manufactured in silver-plated brass, Low loss aluminium and PTFE teflon
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Low VSWR