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Sophisticated broadcast equipment demands clean power. Power line spikes, surges, and waveform distortions will produce system reliability problems, data errors, intermittent or unexplainable operation, computer lockups and failures. PowerClamp TVSS units virtually eliminate the power line spikes and surges that cause these malfunctions and failures.

PowerClamp TVSS units are the most advanced TVSS units in the industry. Their unique design utilizes multi-stage hybrid circuitry to yield clamping levels as low as 2 volts above the AC waveform. Where other units won’t clamp a surge until it’s 500-800 volts above normal voltage, PowerClamp TVSS units instantly attenuate surges within a few volts of the AC waveform. Their highly effective surge suppression and waveform tracking results in superior AC waveform integrity, i.e., “clean power” without spikes, surges, noise, harmonics, or distortion.

PowerClamp TVSS units are designed specifically for broadcast applications. They are ideal for installation at transmitter sites where massive power surges and lightning-induced transients are a major cause of transmitter unreliability and damage. PowerClamp units will drastically reduce tripped breakers, transmitter shutdowns, and prevent or minimize damage to transmitting equipment caused by such power surges.

PowerClamp TVSS units should also be installed at studio locations to prevent power line problems from causing malfunctions and damage to audio/video equipment and computers. PowerClamp units will eliminate power line spikes from entering a facility from the main AC feed line. Their bi-directional design will also prevent power line noise, spikes, and disturbances generated within the facility from being distributed to other equipment.

PowerClamp TVSS units are always installed IN PARALLEL with AC feed lines. They suppress power line spikes and surges by shunting them to ground. PowerClamp units do not need to be “matched” to the equipment they are protecting, nor do they introduce any loss in the line.

The new Series 80 and Series 200 PowerClamp units now offer higher surge-amp capacity, internal LED status indicators, and UL-Listed weatherproof enclosures suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

Download the brochure on the 200 Series here.

Download the brochure on the 80 Series here.