Power Monitor Pro and VHF UHF Probe

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  • Digital RF Power Meter
  • RMS, Average and Peak Sync modes
  • VHF Band I, II and III, UHF Band IV and V
  • Frequency compensated for use with Exir Broadcasings Directional Coupler
  • Forward and reflected power measurement
  • VSWR Calculator and limit
  • Analogue input for e.g. temperature sensor
  • Digital input
  • Ethernet connection
  • RS 232 data input/output
  • Monitoring, limit checking and alarm

The RF Power Monitor from Exir Broadcasting is designed to provide customers with a reasonably priced solution featuring all the functionality they require for monitoring various power levels.

The solution comes in 1 U 19” subrack and incorporates a front display panel for on-site monitoring as well as a communications controller for remote monitoring.

Connection to the RF transmission line is achieved using Exir Broadcastings standard directional couplers and a pair of VHF or UHF probes. This means that units can also be purchased separately and easily integrated into the system.

The solution also features alarm functions enabling maintenance personnel to be notified in the event of possible problems.

VHF and UHF Probe – For Broadcast RF Power Monitor


  • True RMS Probe
  • Multi carrier and any waveform detector
  • N-male connector, fully compatible with directional couplers from Exir Broadcasting
  • Frequency compensated for use with Directional Coupler