Olympia 3

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  • Standalone commentary unit (CU), or AoIP connected with 8 channels via Dante protocol. Scalable architecture: simple routing to Dante IP devices; integrated in IP intercom system, or connected to IP commentary system matrix.
  • Standalone mono or stereo sound mixer with mixing, routing, tone and dynamics control. 3 commentator inputs and a dual-mono or stereo line level input. Monitoring of 8 remote and 2 local sources.
  • Operates as an intercom panel at the same time as a Commentary Unit.
  • Configurable as an interpreter/simultaneous translation console for up to three languages.
  • 3GB IP ports per unit for redundancy, daisy chain and auxiliary data or video transport.
  • Transport of IP Video and Video Program Source Selection for the Commentary Position
  • Dual power supply: 48VDC via PoE or external local power supply.
  • Software Configuration and remote control.
  • Rugged and ergonomic mechanics, suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.

Olympia 3 can be operated in four different ways:

  • As a Standalone CU
    Simply controlled from its front panel, and if so required, complemented by a PC running the Olympia 3 CU CONTROL software application.
  • Connected to an AoIP multi-channel network and routing system.
    That is, receiving and sending audio from/to any DanteTM/AES67 system, that can be anything such as a mixing console or NetBox audio interface produced by AEQ, a third-party console installed in a mobile unit, or any other type of device manufactured by any of the many manufacturers that are incorporating Dante, or even using AES67 protocol.
  • Connected to a KROMA by AEQ AoIP Intercom System
    Olympia 3, apart from being a Commentary Unit, can also be used as an Intercom User Panel. It can be connected this way to any AoIP Intercom manufactured by KROMA by AEQ. This way, the
    ConeXia, or CrossNET matrices will route incoming and outgoing audio to/from the unit and, at the same time, Channel 1 of the Commentary Unit can operate as an Intercom System User Panel. This application becomes very useful where the unit is part of an OB Unit and where the Intercom System also acts as a routing matrix for commentary audio.
  • Connected to a Commentary System
    The extraordinary capacities of the Olympia system, used for large multi-sport and multi-venue games, and the smaller “classic” Olympia, used in mid and large sized sports events has been incorporated to Olympia 3. The centralized control of the entire system for audio transport and distribution, System for event planning, redundancy, management and supervision features of the Olympia system are also available.

IP Interfaces:
Olympia 3 is an AoIP transmission device for Commentary Systems. It includes an internal switch with 3 external ports, allowing for redundancy, “Daisy Chain” connection, as well as making it possible to use the Commentary System IP infrastructure for auxiliary data or video transport for the use at the Commentary Position. Olympia 3 features an AoIP audio interface with eight input and eight output channels. This is the maximum available connection capability with the rest of devices within a Commentary or Intercom System deployment. On many occasions, this number of inputs and outputs is quite probably more than the actual needs, whereas the overall capacity of the Matrix or Audio Interface System can be optimized for the operational needs.

Local Processing:
Olympia 3 isn’t simply a remote audio interface with monitoring control for an audio mixing and processing system. It features local audio processing, enabling it to be used as a standalone sound mixer with routing functions, filtering, tone and dynamics control, without requiring connection to an external routing and processing system.

Power Supply:
Olympia 3 can be powered in two ways: with a local power supply, and at the same time it can take power from a PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) port that receives the necessary power from the IP PoE switch that it is connected to.