Conexia Intercom System

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One of new the ConeXia system’s main advantages is the possibility of integrating broadcast and inter-com audio into the same matrix. The intercom system is benefiting from the broadcast audio quality and performance:

  • 48 KHz – 24 bit sampling and processing
  • AES/EBU audio ports
  • 100% redundant matrix
  • Multichannel audio interfaces

Compatible with commentary unit The fusion of both worlds allows you to integrate all the available audio sources and eliminates the need to manage two different and unrelated audio systems

Flexible ports configuration

ConeXia’s modular structure allows you to tailor the system to your needs. A wide choice of different audio I/O cards can be chosen and will also determine the system’s port distribution.

  • TM8000: Master with the capacity to manage up to 1024 crosspoints. Includes LCD display, Ethernet and USB ports for map loading. 1U rack height.
  • BC2000 DF4: Chassis with 21 rear slots for input/output module installation. 20 front slots for processing modules. Includes ventilation unit. 4U rack height.
  • BC2240: Master Controller Module with USB and Ethernet ports. 2 of them can be installed for redundancy.
  • BC2221: DSP card for routing and processing. Between 1 and 20 of these cards can be installed per rack, depending on the I/O number and the processing needs.
  • BC2210: Digital intercom ports access card. Connects up to 8 ports per card, including their audio inputs and outputs from/to the router
  • BC2201: Analog mono input/output module. 4 inputs and 4 outputs (2 stereo). Electronic balanced, plus 4 GPI and 4 GPO
  • BC2209: Analog, electronically balanced, 8 inputs/outputs module