LM 7500 Series Preview Monitors

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New tools have been included to assist in the signal monitoring, such as independent waveforms for Y, Cb and Cr,  vectorscope and histogram, displayed in different colours for a quick identification of each tool. The 7500 series from KROMA, with monitor kits of 9”, 7”, 5” and 4”, feature high quality LED-backlight screens and a wide range of inputs; and has been enhanced with new functions like the option to display 3G signals, tools for camera calibration, and other improved functions; it is indeed the right choice for HD/3G OB Vans, sports productions and in general, whenever several signals must be monitored in a space constraint facility.

Main Features:

  • The monitors include independent analogue and digital inputs for each screen, with optional compatibility with 3G-SDI. The two composite inputs may be turned into an input-output by menu. The digital inputs include an active loop-through (in models with 2 inputs, the output is the signal on screen).
  • Audio monitoring is possible thanks to the built-in audio de-embedder and the front headphones output. The on-screen audio bars, with configurable size and blending levels, can display up to 16 channels scaled in dBFS.
  • The high resolution In-Monitor Displays (IMD), can be static (and thus manually set) or dynamic (via TSL protocol). The tally info (on screen or lamp) can be received via serial TSL protocol, or by contact closure or voltage.
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology improves viewing angles and colour reproduction, while LED backlight features better uniformity and lowers consumption.