HL203 Hybrid with voice Quality Restoration

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The new technology (VQR) allows reconstructing the original human voice quality transmitted over telephone lines or cellular phone systems.

The voice, once restored, has a 50-10.000 Hz bandwidth. The VQR process, in real time, with no delay, brings near-studio audio quality.


  • The HL203 connects wirelessly to a cell phone through a Bluetooth microwave digital link
  • If you need to connect more cell phones, you can also do this using the wires of hands-free kit. HL203 accepts cell phones instead of telephone sets. You may then have up to 3 cell phones in the air in conference
  • The VQR section of HL203 is connected by pressing a button. VQR technology provides zero-latency (ie HAS NO DELAY) with a near-digital audio quality Three controls (Noise, Bass, and Treble) are available to adjust the level of quality desired.
  • Cell phones are connected using BVluetooth.
  • Units can be added to bring 5 lines up to 7 lines, all with VQR.