MX2200 – Portable IP Codec

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The MX2200 IP Codec-Mixer is the latest solution on the market for outdoor transmissions.  Stream in stereo with the same high audio quality as from a professional recording studio.  Make recordings in its 100-hour internal memory.   It has internal batteries.  It handles 4 microphones, 2 stereo lines, and 2 telephone hybrids.  It is a full duplex so that reports can be made from the studios without audible delay (it is like talking on the telephone). It has a USB input for a video camera for image transmissions using 3.0 software that handles RTMP and the new SRT standard with H264.  Software is upgradable to incorporate the latest technologies.  It is the perfect IP digital solution with non-saturable preamplifiers and MIC audio compressor.

7-channel Stereo Mixer with 4 MIC + 2 LIN Stereo USB/Analog + 2 Hybrids (Phone / LIN / Cell Phone with Bluetooth)
Illuminated keypads. Lightweight, with an aluminum cabinet, and small, just 27 cm x 27 cm.


  • Manage cell phones via Bluetooth 4.0 with high-fidelity sound
  • It has microphone audio compressors and an illuminated Master MIC button to send the 4 MICs to the air.
  • Conductive Ceramic Dimmers with 10 million operations that last a lifetime
  • You will never have interference; has welded duralumin shielding
  •  OLED display to work in daylight

The MX 2200 operates autonomously without the need to use a cell phone or laptop. It has an integrated computer and illuminated keypads

It operates with an internal Lithium-Ion battery with one charge that provides 4 hours of operation. You can also use an external 12V Power Pack
If there are problems with the Internet, you can use the internal telephone hybrid or the Bluetooth connection to the cell phone in an emergency.

The MX2200 can transmit directly by Streaming connected to the Internet. The MX2200/AV model even allows you to operate with the CLOSE rental service to manage video from a Laptop with 4 high-definition USB cameras. If you want to know the advantages of having a Visual Radio, watch a video in Spanish by checking the yellow icon on the left.

It connects digitally via USB to the computer and controls air lighting, studio monitors with muting, 3 headphones, and 2 telephone hybrids; one for line and another for cell phone to use WhatsApp. It can also record more than 100 hours in its internal memory in order to carry out reports in areas without a signal.

Accessories supplied with MX2200

  1. Power supply for continuous use and battery charging: 95 – 240 V 50/60 Hz – 12 V/1.25 A output
  2. USB adapter for Wi-Fi connection (WIFI Dongle Dual band 2.4/5 GHz)
  3. 2 m Ethernet patch cable
  4. Operation manual and instructions for installing SIP software in the Studio.