HL 202 Telephone Hybrid for 2, 4 & 6 lines

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HL 202 can operate with all console models. Is able to accept terrestrial phone lines (2 wires) or cellular phones (4 wires). The cabinet has detachable lateral supports to be mounted in rack or to operate on a table.
The local sound rejection surpasses 40 dB.

Each line allows setting an individual hybrid balance. You only need to set the balance when installing the unit, using a precision 15 turns potentiometer. A recording output allows the use of the hybrid without a console. Each line accepts an associated telephone, for producers, that is disconnected when taking a line on-air.


  • 2, 4 or 6 phone or cellular lines in conference
  • 40 dB local signal reject
  • 3 buttons easy operation
  • +4 dBm balanced output with audio compression & gain control
  • Automatic phone sending level at 0 dBu
  • Band-pass filters on the send, to improve rejection of local signal
  • 8 dB gain between lines to obtain comfortable levels on a conference
  • Robust buttons with reflective illumination
  • Balanced telephone connection using NI-Ferrite transformers
  • Protection against lightning discharges using SIOV technology
  • High quality on the air, without coloration of the local voice