542APC Universal Audio Processor

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The 542APC is a powerful DSP computer to process audio. It can operate in FM, AM, HD radio, TV or streaming on the Web. IT includes its own encoder RDS/RBDS.

Incredibly reliable – never will you be of air because of lack of signal in any of its 4 inputs as it will switch automatically to another.


  • Five bands: 5 x AGC; 5 x Compressor; 5 x Limiter; 5 x Clipper (IM cancelled).
  • Increases the FM distance range and avoids interference and noise in News & Journalism programs.
  • Total flexibility as the 542 is a Universal Processor that changes the model and number of bands by changing software.
  • The software can be remotely upgraded without interrupting the on-air programming
  • Improves the announcer’s voices due to the settings change from Music to Voice when microphones are open
  • The only processor on the market that includes FM Monitor with Audio Quality Analyzer
  • In case of studio connection failure, the unit automatically switches to another input
  • The only processor on the market that improves sound quality by corrections of the chain: Xmtr- Coaxial – Antenna
  • Includes RDS/ RBDS Coder to see texts in FM receivers
  • Includes TWO versions of remote control software: one for engineers and the other for operators (Lite Commander)
  • Options 542/AoIP for streaming input and RM-542 for remote control from the studio