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Synchronised Time Australia

Synchronised Time Australia specialises in the sourcing, import and supply of Power over Ethernet/NTP clocks and associated products. We are able to be very competitive on pricing through direct import. We work tirelessly to negotiate better international freight costs and pricing with our respected and valued suppliers.

The provision of clear accurate time to businesses is critical. The basic underlying technology of NTP (Network Time Protocol) ensures each device independently synchronises its time with a specified time server and maintains and accuracy of within milliseconds of current accurate time.

The manual task of adjusting time for an organisations clocks carry’s a huge ongoing labour cost and responsibility not to mention the annual requirements of Daylight Savings adjustments that if not handled promptly will cause serious confusion at least twice a year. These are handled automatically with PoE/NTP clock functionality.

There is NO Master/Slave function to PoE/NTP clocks as they operate independently with a simple single network cable connection for time and power. Cost of ownership and deployment is significantly cheaper with often network cables already run to all anticipated locations during a building construction.

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