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The StudioHub+ Primer

StudioHub+ most of all a CAT-5 wiring system (because CAT-5 can handle every type of broadcast signal). And, it’s a shielded CAT-5 system because that improves cross-talk numbers to exceptionally low, (almost immeasurably low,) levels.

StudioHub+ has also adopted RJ-45’s as its lead connector because RJ-45’s are small, dense, dependable and inexpensive.

Almost every piece of StudioHub+ connects via RJ-45’s and wires with CAT-5.

With these simple common components, StudioHub+ has implemented a wiring standard that conforms to 568B (the most common Ethernet wiring protocol.)

Note that StudioHub+ utilizes three of the unused CAT-5 wires to add power (+/- 15 volts) so that it can optionally power inline devices like headphone and “MatchJack” balancing amplifiers.

As far as technology, that’s about it. StudioHub+ doesn’t multiplex signals or add points of failure with lots of active devices. It’s just a wiring system and interface standard for broadcast and pro-audio.

There are, however, lots of hubs (wiring blocks), adapters and cables to make it easy to interface, and ideally, plug and play any piece of gear.

First off, adapters, “dongles” and breakout boxes convert gear with XLR, 1/4” ” D” or other high-density connecters to RJ-45 connectivity. StudioHub+ provides hundreds of these converter/adapters and more are put on-line weekly.

Adapters plug into the StudioHub+ system via any length of pre-made shielded patch cord. Generally, every signal gets its own cable so that sources can be easily replugged and routed. But, StudioHub+ also uses 25-pair CAT-5 cable for high-density inter-studio tie lines. These cables use RJ-21, 50 pin telephone style connectors. All the adapters and cables work with any type of signal whether it’s analog, digital or data (Ethernet).

Finally, select one of a dozen different types of hubs or breakout boxes to cross connect the wires from source to destination. Some hubs are optimized to work as console harness breakouts, while others are better suited for studio tie-line interconnection.

That’s it! Now you understand the simple reasons why StudioHub+ is the first and only wiring solution for all your studio connectivity.