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Our secret: The obsession with Research and Innovation
Solidyne was founded in 1968 by Ing Oscar Bonello, its current president, Argentine researcher and professor at the University of Buenos Aires. 40 people work in our company. The secret of Solidyne’s expansion in the Professional Audio and Communications market, over more than 50 years, is very simple: Our obsession with Technological Research and permanent innovation. All our products are highly innovative and are based on research carried out in our Audio and Electroacoustic Laboratories, today considered the most important Study Center in this field in Latin America.

Throughout these years, Solidyne has manufactured more than 15,000 professional audio consoles, which add up to more than 40,000 years of accumulated air time. Many consoles over 30 years old are still up in the air. Very few companies in the world can offer such a strong reliability guarantee. Solidyne has also integrally manufactured and installed the largest audio system in Latin America: The broadcasting satellite broadcasting network used for the transmission abroad of the 78 World Cup. It includes the provision of 560 psychoacoustic technology audio processors. This was the largest purchase order for audio processors placed in the world.

Solidyne has manufactured computer self-aligned, dynamic bias, open reel magnetic engravers. Less than 10 countries have gained access to this technology and no other company in the world could offer a recorder with auto-bias alignment. We have also manufactured telephone exchanges, user telephone sets, communications matrices between energy networks, Communications Centers for the Argentine Aeronautics, Navy, Gendarmerie, etc.

Since 1980 we are active in the field of automatic communication recorders (Voice Loggers) for Medical Emergencies, Police, ambulances etc Originally it was recorded on magnetic tape. Since 2001 we have been manufacturing digital recorders with the new AR-200 technology that we have created, based on encrypted digital recording on computer Hard Disk, with software caller ID and DTMF recognition.

Today we manufacture 32-channel systems with open architecture and low cost, with unique characteristics in the international market.

We are the most experienced company in the world in the field of audio processing for radio. We have been manufacturing equipment since 1968 and you can find our works published since 1970. We inaugurated the era of Psychoacoustic Processing with the publication of a foundational work, in AES Journal, June 76, New York. Throughout these years we have manufactured 7,000 processors of different lines and models, sold in 60 countries. In the AES Journal, March 2007, we mathematically demonstrate for the first time the mechanism by which audio processing increases the reach of FM stations.

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