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Visual technology is everywhere—guiding, displaying, teaching, entertaining—in work spaces, in public places, and in our homes. And because technology is everywhere, it’s more important than ever to be able to interact with it comfortably, safely and effectively.

That’s why Atdec mounting solutions are engineered with infinite mounting configurations to make your interactions with laptops, TVs, projectors and other technology easier, safer and more ergonomic.

Since our founding in 1998, we’ve worked with designers, specifiers, architects and company end-users to tailor our visual technology mounts to public and private spaces across multiple sectors including corporate, financial, retail, education, healthcare, government, tourism, travel, media, and events.

Our extensive technology mounting range is supercharged with unmatched customer service and intuitive design to take your project from initial workspace conceptions all the way through to end-user satisfaction.

Prioritise humans.

All our design and manufacturing decisions are driven by the core motivation of helping people interact with technology more comfortably, safely, and effectively.

Personalised solutions.

Our customer-centric programs (including diagnostics, installation assistance, bespoke solutions and sampling options) are designed to bridge the gap between our infinite mounting possibilities and your ideal company-specific solutions.

Sustainable components.

Mounting solutions and accessories are designed to be as interchangeable and upgradable as possible to provide maximum ergonomics, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Creative optimism.

We take a solutions-oriented approach to tricky spaces and pride ourselves on the ability to engineer bespoke solutions in addition to our extensive range across desk, wall, ceiling and floor.


We embrace continual innovation in order to engineer products compatible with major technologies worldwide now and in the future.

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