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OneSwitch is the clever N+1 or N+2 Switchover unit from ONEtastic. In any main broadcasting station, redundancy is the key to prevent from break of the transmission.

OneSwitch has been engineered to bring the maximum reliability for your transmission, by providing redundancy at 4 levels:

  • N+1 or N+2: Within a single compact 2U or 3U Rack, OneSwitch offers to broadcasters the ability to bring N+1 or N+2 redundancy management, with up to 7+1 or 6+2 transmitters (OneSwitch is optimized for OneDriver, OneCompact or OnePower).
  • Input Stage: Redundancy at the input stage is also offered (in case two separate distribution networks are used), thanks to 2 independent and parallel ASI/BTS/ETI matrixes or RF switching matrix or RF passive splitting input circuits implemented in OneSwitch.
  • Power Supply: OneSwitch does not embed any Power Supply Unit (PSU), as it is capable of using one of the PSUs of the transmitters connected to it. Therefore, in a 4+1 configuration, OneSwitch divides by 5 the risk of failure!
  • Data Communication: an IP switch is implemented within OneSwitch for fast and reliable data communication with every transmitter connected. In case the IP link fails, a Serial communication link automatically takes the lead.

Main features:

  • Compact 2U or 3U 19” Rack chassis
  • N+1 or N+2 redundant configuration (with up to 7+1 or 6+2 transmitters)
  • Embedded RF output matrix
  • IP or Serial Link data communication
  • SNMP, Web Interface and Touch Screen display
  • Several configurations with different input interfaces:

– Double ASI/BTS/ETI input matrix
– RF switching input matrix
– RF passive input splitting
– Analogue Video and Audio input matrix


Configurations: N+1, N+2, N+1+M+1
N<8 oneswitch=”” 2u=”” and=”” 2e=”” br=””>
N<5 oneswitch=”” 3u=”” n=”” 8=”” with=”” opt=”” m=”” external=”” expansion=”” td=””>
RF output matrix: Integrated, PCB relays system for power up to 80W or 350W rms or
External coaxial relays
RF impedance: 50 Ohm
RF Connectors: N (f) up to 80W rms
7/16 (f) up to 350W rms
According to Coaxial relays (Oneswirch 2E and 4000)
Input matrix: DVB-ASI / BTS / SMPTE-310M / ETI or
RF switching matrix or
RF passive distribution or
Analog Video & Audio (optional)
Input connectors: BNC (f) 75 Ohm, or N (f) 50 Ohm, or SMA (f) 50 Ohm
(according to needed configuration)
Slave management: Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT
Dry Contact consensus
IP communication: Integrated 8 or 16 ports IP Switch
IP connectors: RJ-45
AUX connectors: DB-25
Data logger: Integrated with storage of events and alarms
Firmware upgrade: via USB port or via Web GUI
Chassis: 2U rack 19” (Oneswitch 2E, 2U, 4000 Series)
3U rack 19” (Oneswitch 3U)
Width: 483 mm
Depth: 350 mm
Height: 88,1 mm (Oneswitch 2E, 2U, 4000 Series)
132,5 mm (Oneswitch 3U)
Weight: 6 Kg
Temperature range: -5°C ÷ 45°C
Max. Relative Humidity: 90%, non condensing