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The EXC2000GX is the 2000W rated transmitter of the innovative GX family that is known for it’s great efficiency and versatility, thanks to decreased weight, minimal size and reduced consumption. The new basic amplifier module gives 1200W with LDMOS transistors of the latest generation that has allowed for an increase in power while increasing efficiency, now close to 70%. The added efficiency lowers your electricity costs and less heat is produced, increasing reliability.

Weighing in at 21kg and 3RU it’s compact dimensions allow for easy transport and install into any 19′ rack.

Options include:

  • Internal high-quality stereo coder
  • AES/EBU digital input
  • Remote control board via Ethernet allowing remote control from anywhere in the world
  • Remote control via GSM modem and RDS board
  • Digital audio card in accordance with the AES / EBU directive and RS232 / 485 serial port to allow easy integration with other instruments

Download the full specifications here.