ECRESO 100W – Aio Series FM Transmitter

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The Ecreso FM – AiO Series is the latest generation of FM broadcasting transmitters, designed to lower the Total Cost of Ownership.

The new AiO series delivers the highest efficiency on the market. In its standard operations, broadcasters benefit from up to 76% efficiency (AC to RF) and when the patented SmartFM technology is activated, they can further reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%.

The AiO Series also brings together the expertise of APT and Audemat into a compact 2U chassis, resulting in a unique APT IP Decoder and a full RDS encoder.

Additional features such as the direct-to-channel digital modulator and a 5-band sound processor complete this flagship FM transmitter.

Key Features:

  • Lowest operating costs- Up to 76% efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art technology such as 6th generation MOSFET + SmartFM
  • Small footprint with many built-in features: Full Dynamic RDS encoder with UECP capabilities, Sound processor, APT IP decoder, direct-to-channel digital modulator…
  • Rock-solid design: RF planar design, HALT tests, 3-year warranty, up to 10-year warranty
  • Simplified maintenance with hot-swappable power supply and fan
  • Software based APT IP Decoder: support of audio & MPX transport over IP, compatible with SureStream, APTmpX compression
  • User-friendly Web & mobile interface
  • Network control and monitoring:
  • Advanced measurement interface
  • 7 days graphical history log
  • Full SNMP management with up to 4 SNMP managers
  • Cloud monitoring with KYBIO
  • Many onboard functions – Sound processor, Dynamic RDS Encoder, Digital Stereo Encoder, Audio Backup, MPX Power Limiter, GPIO…
  • Direct-to-channel digital modulator – Highest signal quality/ Perfect audio fidelity
  • 5-Band sound processor
  • Digital MPX over AES
  • Audio Backup – Silence detect on all program inputs, intelligent automatic auto-switch and recovery


SmartFM Artificial Intelligence

SmartFM, worldwide patented technology for FM transmitters that revolutionizes FM radio broadcasting and brings massive benefits to broadcasters, radios, and their audience of listeners.
→ Lowers energy costs up to 40% thanks to electricity savings and reduced cooling
→ Reduces CO2 emissions for a cleaner, more sustainable environment

APT IP Decoder 

The AiO Series benefits from the famous experience of APT, and embeds an APT IP Decoder as a software.

With the APT IP Decoder, benefit from:

  • The highest audio & MPX fidelity with state-of-the-art compression, including APTmpX.
  • The always-on SureStream redundancy that enables broadcasters to turn imperfect, but much cheaper services, into true broadcast-grade IP connections.
  • Interoperability with N/ACIP codecs


Audemat RDS Encoder

After the worldwide success of FMB80, WorldCast Systems has integrated its RDS expertise into the Ecreso FM transmitters from AiO series.

This feature is available in two versions :

  • The Dynamic RDS Encoder : ideal for static RDS and simplified PS scrolling
  • The Full RDS Encoder by Audemat. Software-based version of flagship Audemat RDS Encoder, it includes all the expertise of AUDEMAT: compatibility with UECP & IEC62106, ready for RDS2, high signal quality and purity.


5-Band Sound Processor

  • Hosted in direct-to-frequency digital modulator
  • Highest quality processing from audio input to RF output
  • Powerful DSP-based processing
  • Complete 5-band architecture
  • Factory presets for all formats
  • Easy to fine-tune through intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Real-time meters at each stage
  • No additional hardware: maximum reliability, no maintenance
  • MPX Power Limiter (ITU 412)
  • Wideband sound processor comes standard; 5-Band optional


Alarm Notifications

  • Alarm delivery by email (SMTP) & SNMP
  • Easy configuration of each notification


Automation & Scheduler

  • Schedule preset changes
  • Schedule any parameter of your ECRESO FM
  • Schedule RF power to reduce consumption
  • Automate actions when an alarm is detected


Single Frequency Network (SFN)

  • 10 MHz input for RF Carrier synchronization
  • Adjustable program delay (on audio / MPX inputs)


Technical Specifications: 

Frequency Range 87.5 to 108 MHz in 10 kHz Steps
Frequency Stability < 10−6 per Year
HF Output N type, 50Ω
Power range 5-100W
Power setting 0-110W
VSWR < 1.35, optimal performance: < 1.1 , protection : > 1.5
Spurious and harmonic suppression > 75dBc
Efficiency up to 57%
Voltage 100VAC to 264VAC, 47Hz – 63Hz
Fuses 10AT
Analog input (LINE1) 2 XLR connectors, balanced, > 10 kΩ (600 Ω jumpers selectable), Software adjustable level (-18/+18 dBu range)
AES Input (LINE2) 2x XLR connector, balanced, > 110 Ω, software adjustable level (-20 to 0dBFS range), AES 16, 24, 32 bits, up to 192 kHz
2 Composite (MPX/SCA/RDS) inputs 2 BNC type, unbalanced, > 5 kΩ, Software adjustable level (-18/+18 dBu range)
Overall dimensions 19″ x 2U x 485 mm
Weight ~13kg
Operating temperature Nominal: 5°C to 45°C, – Maximum: 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 5 – 95% non-condensing relative humidity
Altitude Up to 3900m – 12795ft
Cooling 1 fan (~30l/s)



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