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MSE16 is an automatic multiplex signal Changeover to be used for the modulation of an FM transmitter from two different Low Frequency sources. The apparatus provides for entry of a main (preferred) signal and a secondary (reserve) one. An internal controller normally enables the output of the signal in the main entrance: in the absence of this one, the secondary entrance signal is used. Both the threshold level below which the input signal is judged insufficient and the minimum time of absence of the signal are internally or externally pre-selectable in a wide range and with great precision. One of the two LF channels may be fitted with an internal stereo encoder with excellent features that allows the autonomous multiplex encoding of the local audio signal input as separate left and right stereo channels. On this same channel may be optionally mounted also a Digital Audio stereo AES / EBU input card and / or a RDS generator board fully programmable via software, phase locked to the local Mpx signal.

The equipment is housed in a standard 19 “rack by one unit, robustly shielded and with excellent immunity to strong external RF fields such as those present in a radio transmission site. The performance of the equipment are state of the art and do not add any noticeable degradation to high grade input signal while allowing the local generation of stereo multiplex and RDS of the highest quality. The MSE16 is extremely versatile and widely programmable in levels, sensitivity and in all its functions via a single multi-function front panel knob and a large display. Through these several other functions are also available for the precise measurement and control of the input / output signals. The user can also program which of the two available channels is the main one and which is the reserve; the sensitivity can be adjusted separately on the two channels and the exchange policy may be varied in various ways.

MSE16 may also be used only as an independent Stereo Encoder and/or RDS generator with remarkable performance and very cost competitive with other professional equipment intended only for this purpose.

Technical Features:

  • Precise and versatile microcontroller driven
  • High quality internal Stereo Encoder
  • Optional internal RDS Generator, externally program-mable and phase locked with the Mpx signal. The main programmed parameters are shown on the display
  • Exchange policy is extensively and precisely programmable on functions, levels and time
  • Excellent spectral purity of the generated signal
  • Retains memory of the switching events and the elapsed time even in case of mains power loss
  • Universal AC adapter (90 ÷ 260 Vac)
  • Parallel and serial I/O remote control connectors
  • Password protection on critical data and parameters