COV21 Changeover System

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The COV21TX and the COV21RX are small self comprehencive automatic changeover devices to be used as signal front-end module in combination with a dual path EXC/RTX STL solution from Sielco. The COV21TX/COV21RX can also be applied as RF changeover devices in low power (<30W) FM exciters/transmitters and receivers in the same frequency range. The reserve apparatus is configured in hot stand-by and switching takes less than 500ms from failure detection

Technical Description:
– 1u 19″ profile
– Fully passive HF/LF switches. signals to/from main are routed even in case of power supply or control logic failure.
– No internal mains power supply for added reliability
– Active low-noise preamplifier before HF splitting for the receivers to achieve the best sensitivity
– Narrow low-loss microwave input filter for high sensitivity and excellent performance in highly noise RF environments with optimal rejection of strong and near interfering signals