Phoenix Venus 4 and 4+

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The Phoenix Venus 4 is new two channel, full duplex, stereo IP Audiocodec with local analogue, digital and AoIP Dante™ /AES67 Inputs and Outputs.

  • Dual Channel, Rack-mounted Stereo Audiocodec with IP Connecvity. Allows for two stereo/dual or four mono connections (to one or two destinations).
  • Unique possibilities from design, such as fully independent, dual channels for program and coordination, each one with its respective returns, or to send two mono or stereo programs to the same or different destinations.
  • Exclusive Connectivity Tools. With AEQ audiocodecs you benefit from the Smart RTP communications protocol that simplifies the connection, even through Dynamic Domain Name Service – DDNS. This avoids the need to know the destination IP, since this may change over time.
  • Compatible with third-party audiocodecs on the market. Supports SIP and the most popular encoding algorithms, and is 100% compatible with N/ACIP EBU Tech-3326 technical recommendations.
  • AEQ provides a SIP server as a courtesy, free service, to customers with AEQ Codecs. Optional RTP Relay service that transports the audio through the SIP server, simplifying connectivity for difficult scenarios.
  • IP connectivity tools. Adaptive buffer to absorb network jitter. DHCP -automatic configuration of the connection parameters-, automatic adjustment of the reference clock to synchronize both ends, error correction (FEC). Sending the same audio to several receivers is possible using multiple unicast.
  • 3 network ports, Allows for the separation of control traffic, encoded audio (WAN) and local audio over IP (AES67/Dante)
  • Remote monitoring, includes SNMP server that allows the user to remotely monitor its status, alarms, etc. by simply using any standard SNMP client.
  • Double continuous data channel. Allowing for the transport of an independent data flow associated to each communication channel.
  • GPIs and GPOs. Equipment incorporates 4 general purpose inputs and 6 outputs, for signaling and control.
  • Includes encoding algorithms for any purpose. In addition to the recommended OPUS algorithm, VENUS 4 incorporates the encoding algorithms specified as Mandatory in the N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 recommendation, plus the low-delay AEQ LD.
  • Analogue, digital and IP professional audio. The equipment has, as standard, two pairs of balanced analogue audio inputs and outputs with professional line level and XLR connectors, duplicated with AES/EBU digital audio inputs and outputs. Local audio over IP (AES67 / Dante) is available as an option. The input mode is selectable (Analogue, AES/EBU or Dante), and the outputs are distributable (Analog + AES/EBU or Analog + Dante), independently for each of the two channels.
  • Silent. The equipment is cooled by natural convection, making it suitable for studios, as it doesn’t have fans.
  • Reliable. Possibility of including double AC power supply and/or one or two 48 V DC power inputs.

The Control Phoenix software allows the control and management of Phoenix Studio, Phoenix Mercury and Phoenix Venus audiocodecs.



Download the product brochure and view full specs here.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 482 × 200 × 44 cm


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