High Power FM Antennas

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The AlanDick range of high-power FM antennas have a proven record of performance. This covers more than thirty years as a leading multi-channel FM product. The Screen and Dipole assemblies utilise heavy-duty galvanised/stainless steel.  This assures long trouble-free service under the toughest of environmental conditions.

These high power multi-channel FM antennas focus on very demanding markets. Most products are ideal for multi-channel operation over the complete FM band from 87.5 to 108MHz.  A VSWR figure of 1.1:1 is achievable on each channel.

Moreover, the extensive range of antennas allows coverage area design and optimisation to be simplified. We aim to quickly complete all broadcasters requirements.

Customised High Power FM Antennas:

A combination of unequal power division and varying phase between faces also provides a wide range of directional patterns. AlanDick Broadcast engineers are on hand to assist with these customised designs.

An added feature of the AlanDick panel antenna is the reflector screen. Here the design also has sufficient strength to allow tower crews to climb on them.

Also, minimising the aerodynamic areas in line with the panel dimensions is essential. Using round cross-sections members for all parts of the galvanised screen and dipole assembly help to achieve this.

GRP generally provides weather protection of the dipole feed points and covers and avoids the need of electrical element deicing. This greatly increases reliability while reducing operating costs. The antennas also include a fully pressurised feed system. Moreover, careful attention to dissimilar metal junctions avoids corrosion. These FM arrays provide an integrated design with reliability that is second to none.

Finally, AlanDick Broadcast engineers will assist you with your project. They can and design the antennas and coverage you need.