High Performance Power Line Filters

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Rated Voltage: 220/380VAC

Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz

Temperature Range: HPF25/070/21

Test voltage(2S): Line to Line 1000VDC, Line to Ground 1000VD


Filter Selection Table:

Filter Rated Current(A) Leakage Current(A) Insertion Loss(dB)
PESF-H101A- 1X15 ≤0.32 70-100dB,150K-10/40GHZ
PESF-H101A- 1X25 ≤0.32 70-100dB,150K-10/40GHZ
PESF-H101A- 1X50 ≤0.32 70-100dB,150K-10/40GHZ
PESF-H201A- 2X15 ≤0.42 70-100dB,150K-10/40GHZ
PESF-H201A- 2X25 ≤0.46 70-100dB,150K-10/40GHZ
PESF-H201C- 2X1 ≤0.33 100dB,14K-1G/40GHZ
PESF-H201C- 2X3 ≤0.6 100dB,14K-1G/40GHZ
PESF-H201C- 2X6 ≤0.9 100dB,14K-1G/40GHZ
PESF-H201C- 2X20 ≤6.6 100dB,14K-1G/40GHZ
PESF-H201C- 2X30 ≤6.6 100dB,14K-1G/40GHZ