FM Filters 2 cavities or 3 cavities

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All the filters are FM band tunable and natural convection cooled. Hundreds of stations use either 2 or 3 cavity notch filters or band pass filters. The fully adjustable input and output coupling provide superior tuning and performance all over the entire VHF FM band. The notch filters use an all-copper construction providing very low loss with very high notch depth. The bandpass filters use an aluminium construction with copper resonator for stable high power performance.


  • Flexible and compact
  • Light alloy and brass construction
  • Temperature stabilised
  • Cylindrical cavity at high mechanical stability
  • Retunable
  • Thermic stabilization carried out with INVAR
  • Mounted in any position
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Fine tuning
  • Silver superficial treatments and outer painting

Technical Features:

IN/OUT Impedance 50OHM
Frequency Range 87.5MHz – 108MHz
Input Power up to 30kW
Insertion Loss Depending on models
Return Loss >27dB
Attenuation ±2MHz >22dB
Attenuation ±1MHz >40dB (only 3-cav filters)
Temperature Range 30°C to +45°C