DAB/DMB BIII – L-Band Combiners

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All the filters are fully compliant with the Eureka 147 international specification achieved at DAB (170 – 240 MHz) and L-Band (1452 –1492 MHz) frequencies at powers ranging from 1Wrms to 6kWrms. All Electrolink filters are DAB band tunable and temperature compensated. The bandpass filters use light alloy and brass construction for stable high power performance.

Electrolink can supply a wide range of combiners for the entire international broadcasting frequency VHF Band III (140MHz – 270MHz), allowing you to combine different signals into one antenna. Among the most important parameters are inputs isolation, return and insertion loss.
Since each combining system is different, we analyze, design and develop a custom product to provide flexible solutions.
Only the highest quality components are used to ensure stable and trouble-free performance.

STRETCH-LINE Combiners (only on request)
Mixed Configuration Combiners (made of DUAL-BRIDGE, STARPOINT and STRETCH-LINE)


  • Flexible and compact
  • Light alloy and brass construction
  • Temperature stabilised
  • Square cavity at high mechanical stability
  • Retunable
  • Thermic stabilization carried out with INVAR
  • Mounted in every position
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Fine tuning
  • Silver superficial treatments and outer painting

Technical Specifications:

IN/OUT Impedance 50OHM
Frequency Range VHF BI 54MHz – 88MHz
Frequency Range VHF BIII 170MHz – 240MHz
Input Power VHF BI up to 10kW
Input Power VHF BIII up to 20kW
Insertion Loss Depending on models
Return Loss >27dB
Bandwidth 6MHz – 7MHz –8MHz
Temperature Range 30ºC to +45ºC