Netbox 4 MH

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NETBOX 4MH interface has been designed to cover the need for high quality microphone inputs and headphone outputs availability outputs, for example in radio and TV studios, stage or multimedia installations. The multichannel IP connectivity (Audinate DANTE™ protocol) makes the Inputs of the unit available at any point of the network.

NETBOX 4MH interface also includes 4 General Purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO) as interfaces for signalling transport between the different devices in the IP network. As a complementary feature, the unit supports the same inputs and outputs as analogue balanced line Inputs and Outputs.

Furthermore, it has additional GPIOs that can be used for example in a studio installation and as an interface to signalling terminals such as the AEQ SRC 03. This greatly facilitates the implementation of services such as remote CUE and Cough-cut, User keys, ON AIR and READY lights, etc.

Technical specifications:

  • Channels: 4 microphone-line input, 4 line outputs, in parallel with 4 stereo headphone outputs. Mute and gain control between +12 and -30 dB, individually or in stereo pairs.
  • 48V Phantom Power supply and electronic balancing for all microphone inputs.
  • Data format: DANTE Audio-over-IP technology.
  • Scalable and flexible network topology supporting a wide range of audio transmitters and receivers.
  • Supports 100Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps network segments.
  • 2 x RJ45, 100 BASE-T Ethernet ports with galvanic isolation, usable as “daisy chain” connections.

Front Panel:

  • Four microphone inputs
    • Female XLR connectors, MIC/LIN and Phantom individual external switches. Microphone preamplifier with the same high quality as those used in AEQ digital consoles.
    • Gain control for the microphone/line inputs from a PC-based software application. They can be adjusted individually or grouped in stereo pairs. The latest gain settings used are stored even if there is no PC connected.
  • Two stereo headphone signals configurable on 4 connectors
    • Four headphone outputs that can be independently configured as primary or secondary with ¼” jack (one primary plus three secondaries, two primaries plus two secondaries or four primary outputs).
    • Headphone outputs are also available in 4 mono line outputs with nominal level (see image of the back).
    • Gain control for these headphone / line outputs is available from the PC control software. They can be treated as individual signals or stereo pairs. The latest gain settings used are stored even if there is no PC connected.
  • Signalling
    • Power LEDs, LAN 1 and 2, 4 tri-colour LEDs indicating presence of incoming signal and 4 for outgoing signal.

Rear Panel:

  • Line output connectors
    • One DB15 connector provides 4 line-level analog outputs in parallel with the headphone outputs with the same level adjustment.
    • Gain control for these lines (common with the headphones) is provided in the PC control software. They can be treated as individual signals or stereo pairs. The latest gain settings used are stored even if there is no PC connected.
  • DB15 GPIO connector
    • 4 GPI and 4 GPO with common ground and +5V reference are included in the connector. The Protocol used is available upon request for integration with third party equipment.
  • RJ45 GPI / GPO connectors for SRC 03 or other booth-signalling devices
    • With RJ45 for studio signalling, compatible with SRC 03 signalling box.
    • The GPI connector has 7 inputs. The GPO connector includes 2 relay-activated outputs, including external power supply for ON AIR and READY booth indicators.
  • External power supply
    • Audio functions included in the unit can be powered by PoE. There is also an input for an external power supply that can be used when the LAN switch doesn’t support PoE or in order to feed lamps, SRC 03 indicators or similar devices.
  • Dual LAN connector
    • Provided in order to be able to connect the device to the Dante network in either Bypass

Software specifications

Netbox Tool application, running on Windows operating systems, that provides the following functionality:

  • Device’s headphone outputs source configuration.
  • Phase and stereo pairing configuration for the device’s inputs and outputs.
  • Virtual fader bank to configure the device’s input and output gains.
  • Sync configuration.
  • Device’s GPIO configuration and selection of which devices in the network can receive its GPI’s.

Easy to Install

The Netbox 4 MH is the width of half a 19” rack, and is provided with two fixing brackets, two lateral plates that can be fixed to the base or top of the unit, and 4 desktop legs.
These options allow the user to install the device in a wide variety of positions:

  • As a desktop unit.
  • As a desktop unit, fixed to the surface with brackets.
  • Rack-mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Fixed to a piece of furniture or wall vertically, using the mounting brackets.
  • Two devices can be mounted in parallel and installed in a 19” with the mounting brackets

Compliment your Netbox 4 MH with the AEQ Studiobox.