RF Rigid Coaxial Line

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Exir Broadcasting supplies rigid lines of different types. Low loss copper and various aluminum alloys are used to ensure high conductivity. The tubes are connected with Coupling kits, Elbows, and different sizes of unflanged as well as flanged adaptor for a complete Rigid line system.

One of the main features of Exir Broadcasting rigid line is its unique simplicity. The entire system is of a modular design according to the Lego-principle, meaning that all components can be assembled quickly, easily and reliably. Rigid line sections are easily adapted to the unique layout and characteristics of a station, and a wide variety of adapters even allows for varying rigid line dimensions within the same system.

The tubes are connected with cooper sleeves that are tightened with tube clamps. The inner conductors are connected with silverplated brass bullets. The maximum production length of a tube is approximately 5 metres (16.4 ft). If the maximum length is used, the inner conductor must be supported by inner supports. All dimensions can be ordered with connecting flanges. More detailed information is available on request.

211-008006 INNER

211-022011 OUTER

211-016009 INNER

211-041012 OUTER

211-033010 INNER

211-079012 OUTER

211-044010 INNER

211-106015 OUTER

211-052010 INNER

219-125025 OUTER

211-660010 INNER

211-155018 OUTER

TYPE OF LINE 7/8” unflange 1 5/8” unflange 3 1/8” unflange 4 1/2” unflange NAX120 unflange 6 1/8” unflange
MATERIAL INNER Low-loss copper Low-loss copper Low-loss copper Low-loss copper Low-loss copper Low-loss copper
MATERIAL OUTER Copper Copper Copper Copper Aluminium Copper
IMPEDANCE 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
D1 22.23 mm 41.30 mm 79.40 mm 106.0 mm 125.0 mm 155.6 mm
d1 19.94 mm 38.79 mm 76.89 mm 103.0 mm 120.0 mm 151.92 mm
D2 8.66 mm 16.85 mm 33.40 mm 44.74 mm 52.12 mm 65.99 mm
d2 7.39 mm 14.93 mm 31.27 mm 42.80 mm 50.04 mm 64.01 mm