LAB 4.50 dehydrator

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The LAB4.50 dehydrator provides continuous dry airflow up to 300 l/h with a dew point better than -45°C. Output pressure can be set in the range from 10 kPa to 50 kPa.
The LAB4.50 achieves reduced mechanical wear and noise and therefore a long lifetime by output pressure measurement, microprocessor control and pump speed regulation.

Pumps speed control avoids mechanical pressure regulators eliminating undesirable pressure losses and a worse response to plant air flow regulation.
Two drying chambers contain the desiccant and dry airstream by adsorption process. The chambers operate on alternate cycles so while the first chamber dries, the second one regenerates the desiccant by
heating and backwashing with a small reverse dry airflow.
This technology reduces overall power consumption.

The following devices are available on the front panel:

  • Monitoring digital display
  • Function keyboard to scroll and modify settings
  • Power on and alarms LED
  • On/off outlet valves

Output air pressure, hour meter, active alarm messages, output pressure setting and alarm thresholds are available on the digital display.
The basic version has low pressure, high pressure, high humidity, power and system failures alarms. The alarms are remotely signalled by one SPDT relay.

The following options are available:

  • Remote control through SNMP protocol and HTTP WEB browser by an Ethernet interface
  • Remote control by an RS485/RS422 or R232 serial link
  • Digital flowmeter with data showed on the display

On the rear panel are available the AC and DC power supply connectors, the connector for remote alarm and the optional RJ45 connector for Ethernet interface or D-Sub 9 pins for serial link.
The LAB4.50 always includes wall, floor, 19” and ETSI N3 rack mountings.