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Xpeak is an intercom system that incorporates virtual network technology, through an automatic global interconnection Wizard. The Wizard avoids the difficulties of creating a virtual network and configuring the devices to work on it.

In Xpeak, different hardware or software user panels are interconnected as if they were all part of the same physical production center. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the same LAN network, or if they are dispersed in different places with access to Internet or to a WAN – they will all connect.
You do not have to have a static IP, nor do you need a dynamic DNS, nor do you need to set port forwarding, because each user panel is automatically configured according to the local network of this location. It works immediately in all network environments, even on very restrictive networks.
On the other hand, the system does not need a matrix: The elements of the system form a network of P2P (peer to peer) devices with Ethernet virtualization. Further, an intercom system is a mission critical tool that must neither fail nor be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Therefore, Xpeak includes advanced security features such as access control rules, security control, and traffic encryption.

Advantages of  Xpeak:

  • Three modes of operation:
    • Virtual Matrix: Xpeak obtains the flexibility of AEQ intercom systems without incorporating a matrix. Each panel maintains the cross-point programming according to its defined role.
    • 4 channel Party-Line: Very simple configuration since it is only necessary to determine which channels each panel will talk to and which channels each panel will receive.
    • Physical Matrix: The Xpeak panels works as a very cost-effective user-panels, with 8 physical keys (up to 32 virtual keys) in AEQ Conexia and Crossnet Matrix systems.
  • Wizard for automatic global interconnection: Simplify the use of virtual network technology to streamline remote productions.
  • The panels do not belong permanently to a specific system:
    • The same user panel can work on multiple locations.
    • The same panel can be part of different intercom systems.
    • Possible expansion of the system through the cloud in a subscription-by-use scheme that does not require acquiring resources that are not used regularly.
  • User terminals that support Bluetooth and USB micro-headsets: Compatible with a wide range of headsets with excellent value for money.
  • User panels that can be connected to PCs and Smartphones: Via Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Great audio quality with low bit rate: It allows incorporating remote terminals through different
    connection methods.
  • Stationary panels can be connected in Daisy Chain.

Basic Functionality in Detail

  • System dimensions: Up to 28 user terminals or external inputs and outputs.
  • Two working modes:
    • Intercom mode in which each key of a user terminal can be configured with the same functions as in a system with an AEQ matrix.
    • 4-channel Party-line mode, which hardly requires any configuration.
  • Intercommunication between the members of a domain regardless of their location. The panels can work in a local LAN network or in a WAN network that can be global in nature through the internet. In this case, intelligent connectivity is available through virtual network technology, through an automatic global interconnection wizard, which simplifies configuration, discovering the elements of the system within the domain. Connection without opening ports in routers, to use terminals in locations such as hotels, homes, or others without access to a support technician.
  • Virtual network architecture allows a device to subscribe to different virtual networks on demand as needed.
  • The system and its elements are compatible with previous intercom systems bearing the AEQ and KROMA brands.
  • System is configured from the user panels themselves. There is also an optimized configuration tool, online and online, for the most complex environments.
  • With common user terminal architectures: stationary, desktop, wired belt-pack, wireless belt-pack and PC application.
  • The wired user terminals support USB and Bluetooth headsets from the most basic, to the highest quality and best features.
  • Rack and desktop equipment will use 4-way levers instead of keys, for easier operation of basic functions: Listen, Talk, and adjust the receive volume.
  • Additional equipment is included to provide analog, digital and IP audio inputs and outputs to the system.
  • The equipment has been designed to be very cost effective with optimum performance.
  • Great audio quality (HD Voice up to 7 KHz) with bit rate limited to 64 kbps.
  • The system can exchange RTP / G722 streams with audio codecs.

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