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The Bluetooth Audio Gadget makes it easy to put a smartphone on the air. Just pair your phone, and the Bluetooth Audio Gadget automatically negotiates the optimal codec algorithm (usually APT-X for Android, AAC for iPhone). Balanced audio I/O connects the Gadget to your console. The sound quality is amazing. And the Bluetooth Audio Gadget is bidirectional, so you can even send mix-minus to your caller.

Like all Angry Audio products, the Bluetooth Audio Gadget is built-for-broadcast with premium components, a powder-coated steel enclosure, internal AC power supply, and gold-plated audio connectors and switch contacts. Place it on your desktop, or mount it in your rack with our rackmount kit.

The Bluetooth Gadget is the modern way to connect phones, tablets and computers. Eliminate the messy cables and adapters and the annoying whine of digital ground loops. Equipped with AAC and the virtually-lossless APTX codec algorithms, the Bluetooth Gadget always chooses the best possible codec for the connected device. If you’ve been disappointed by the sound of Bluetooth in the past, the Bluetooth Gadget will change your mind in a really awesome-sounding hurry.

The front panel 3.5mm TRRS jack offers an alternative way to connect your phone. Our exclusive (ground-breaking) unbalanced audio input circuitry suppresses noise from ground loops, digital whine, etc. Using the front panel connection switch, you can select wired or Bluetooth connection. You can even connect two devices, one wired and one Bluetooth and switch between them as needed.

What’s in the box:

  • Bluetooth Gadget
  • Antenna
  • StudioHub Dual XLRF to RJ45F Adapter
  • StudioHub Single XLRM to RJ45F Adapter
  • 3.5mm TRRS OMTP to CTIA Adapter


Audio and Bluetooth
From console input Balanced, +4dBu, XLRF, Mono
To console outputs Balanced, +4dBu, XLRM, Stereo
From phone (wired) Unbalanced, -10dBv, TRRS, Stereo
To phone (wired) Unbalanced, -50dBv, TRRS, Mono
To console (digital) Transformer isolated XLRM
Transceiver Bluetooth 3.0
Profiles HFP, HSP
Range 50 feet (around 15 metres)
Power and Environmental
Export Versions 230VAC 50/60Hz, various plugs available
Power Consumption 3VA
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C
Storage Temperature -20° to 45° C
Relative Humidity 0% to 90% non-condensing
Cooling Venting Chassis (fanless)
Part number: 991004A 230VAC Australia Power Plug

Mounting Options:

Rack Mount Kit – Mount two gadgets side by side in only 1RU with the optional Rack Mount Kit. All the hardware is included, even a filler panel if you’re only mounting a single gadget.

Wall Mount Kit – The optional Wall Mount Kit includes the brackets and hardware so you can attach a gadget to a flat surface. You might bolt your gadget to the inside of a cabinet, but really, any flat surface will do.

Desktop Mount Kit – The optional Desktop Mount Kit tilts the face of the gadget upward toward the eyes of the user. You can set it on a tabletop or use the included hardware to secure it permanently.

Under Cabinet Mount Kit – Maybe you want your gadget within reach, but just out of sight. Why not mount it under the desk or counter with the optional Under Counter Mount Kit.