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AUDICOM is Solidyne’s easy-to-use native Windows automation software! This all-inclusive program supports automated programs, web tools, ad creation and monitoring and will work with your studio’s existing PC.

AUDICOM MULTICAST is the only Artificial Intelligence radio software on the market. Complete “all-in-one” software with 32 different modules, for MCR workstations, Production, Recording, Traffic, Billing, Statistics, Budget control, Complete list of ads and music, Newsroom, Audience recording, Automatic journalist recordings. Use the Cyberplay ON-Air screen, the InfoMusic database, the AutoDJ online music scheduler, the master and slave satellite control, the Teleprompter software for reading news and much more. Works with standard PC audio cards or direct USB connection to the console. Manages a complete network of multiple radio stations using Internet streaming with metadata information to synchronise the broadcast.

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Exclusive Advantages

  • Absolutely complete

The only one in the world that offers a suite of 32 programs that cover: Air Screen, Music Database, Live Assist, On-line Music Scheduler (scheduler), Remote report recording, InstantREC to record keywords from a report, 24-hour security recording, Advanced audio editor, PODcast on-demand, IRDS transmission on the Internet, Streaming transmission, RDS coder management, Adjustment of audio processors for each music theme, Business management, Generation of commercial batches, Billing, Commercial Control, Statistics. Copyright Lists, etc.

  • Safe

It controls the accesses of each operator and only allows them to carry out certain operations.

  • Reliable

The most robust software in its class. It operates in 64 bits guaranteeing to be ALWAYS on the air 24 hours a day.

  • Open

No proprietary files. Audicom allows the transfer of audio files from pen drives or DVDs

  • Multimedia Oriented

You can stream with Video using CLOSE RADIOTV or the Audicom Video Server

  • SQL Database with Metadata

Create and manage audio files that reconstruct the entire Database

  • 30-Year Proven

World’s Largest Radio Software Experience, Present in 50 Countries


To facilitate the integrated management of commercials and music, Audicom provides a single air window, the Cyberplay. This window unifies both commercials and music, streaming or satellite programming in a single continuous list. So the operator knows instantly what is currently on the air and what is coming later; with the EXACT TIME to the second. To alter the playback order or remove audio tracks, simply drag and drop the files from the CyberPlay list. When performing these operations, the times are recalculated instantly.

For live operation CyberPlay presents each song in 4 colors according to the time elapsed since the last airing. In this way, you avoid repeating a theme that recently aired

Audicom is the only software that offers all these facilities.

Multimedia File Manager

Powerful audio file and news wire management system. It doesn’t matter where the file is located; the FileManager looks for it in all the disks of your LAN network and presents them on the screen; that simple. It also informs you of the exact place where they are located. The files are classified by folders (Styles) and by colors. The Music folders show the name of the performer and the song.

In other automation systems you must navigate through long lists in slow operation. The FileManager saves time. Simply pressing the search button and spelling out a few letters of the name of the song, artist, jingle, etc. will instantly produce a list of results.


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