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SuperLight is a control interface for controlling LED and other low voltage studio tally lights. It is ideal for switching On The Air warning lights when a studio mic is “live”. SuperLight can be controlled with virtually any broadcast console (or networked studio) and can directly power any12 volt tally light that requires 500mA or less. A flasher circuit is included to flash the light when it is on. Two “Form C” relay contacts are also provided for speaker muting or other utility use.

SuperLight can be controlled with a DC voltage or GPI contact closure. Control is via a plug-in euroblock connector. Two RJ45 connectors are also provided for compatibility with network installations that use cat5/cat6 cabling. Any two wires of the RJ45 input can be user-assigned to control SuperLight with a DC input. Cat5/cat6 cabling can be “looped thru” the unit so that multiple SuperLights can be controlled with one cable. The same or different control wires can be used to control eachSuperLight in the system.SuperLight’s Tally output is switched electronically to prevent arcing or switching noise. It can directly power 12 volt tally lights. For lights that require higher voltage and/or current, an external power source up to 30 volts DC at up to 2 amps can be used.SuperLight can be attached to any convenient surface using the unit’s integral mounting flanges. It is shipped with mating euroblock connectors and power supply.