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MIKE ALERT is an interface device for controlling the dual-color tally indicators on popular “mic arms”. The Mike Alert unit allows two mic arms’ tally lights to be independently controlled, and provides power and control circuitry to operate the white and red tally indicators in each arm.

The Mike Alert unit provides 12 volts DC to operate the tally lights, with automatic polarity control to select either the white or red light. The Mike Alert can be interfaced to virtually any broadcast console, router, or any device that provides for tally light control. There are two isolated inputs, “Red” and “White”, for each mic arm. The Red light is normally used to indicate On The Air; the White light is normally used to indicate Ready or a secondary status. Note that the Red input will always take precedence: if both inputs are active, only the Red tally light will operate.

The mic arm cable is connected to the Mike Alert via a 5-pin XLR connector: 3 pins are used for mic audio, and 2 pins are used for the tally LED lighting. The mic audio is passed-though to a standard 3-pin male XLR for connection to an audio console.

Control inputs are via a 15-pin D-sub connector. The control inputs may be any GPI contact closure, open collector, or any maintained DC voltage from 5 to 12 VDC. Mike Alert can be integrated with a Henry Engineering Superelay for control of the studio’s main On The Air warning lights. Activating any mic arm Red and/or White tally circuit can also turn on the main On The Air warning lights.

The Mike Alert is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wallmounted using optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. The unit is powered with an internal AC power supply, which can be user-set for either 115 or 230 VAC mains.


Mike Arm Inputs 5-pin fem. XLR, X2
Mike Audio Outputs 3-pin male XLR, X2
Control Inputs 15-pin fem. D-sub connector 2 per mic arm, opto-isolated, 5-12 VDC or GPI contact closure/open collector
Input Resistance 2.2K ohms each, 4X
CInput Duration Maintained
Tally Light Output 12 VDC
Power Input 115 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3W
Physical 14.5cm (W) X 4.3cm (H) X 15.2cm (D); 1361 grams
Construction Steel Enclosure
Approvals City of Los Angeles Elect. Test Lab, CE, RoHS

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