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The Solidyne Minimixer makes the perfect Podcasting, Outside Broadcast or Recording room mixer.

Console with 7 channels : 4 MIC + LIN Digital USB + 2 Hybrids (one cellular), with a Stereo AUX line 

  • Manages cell phones wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 with high fidelity sound 
  • Includes Audicom Video Producer software with free installation 
  • Digital stereo line input to Mixer using USB and Digital Program Out USB to PC for streaming 
  • Feedback controlled gain preamps: It never clips the audio signal at any fader position 


  • 4 x MIC dynamic IN. Fader #3 has dual input preamp for MIC 3 + Mic 4 
  • USB digital input from PC at fader #4 (when not using USB it auto-switches to Stereo Line) 
  • Telephone Line to Hybrid: For standard POT land lines. VoIP internet phone can be used with external FXS adapter, non-included 
  • Cellular Smartphone input using Bluetooth 4.0 (30-8,000 Hz full range voice quality) 
  • Stereo Line, switched between Telephone/Line or Fader #4 auto-switch 
  • Insert In/Out for audio processor or external stereo devices 


  • Stereo Program Output // Analog, unbalanced. 
  • USB Digital Stereo Program Out to PC 
  • MIC mixer Out for Recording at PC 
  • 4 x Headphones Out 
  • Muted speakers out 
  • 12V/120mA LED Tally Light 
  • Optional SmartCam USB out for Audicom & Close camera switching 

Conductive Ceramic Faders that last a lifetime

Common consoles have carbon type faders that must be continually changed with expensive services. The MiniMixer employs the new Conductive Ceramic fader technology that last a lifetime . Click here to learn more about the Solidyne Ceramic faders.