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The 16-channel DX822 console is the same as the DX816 but with TWO 5-mic modules instead of one.

The DX822 handles 10 microphones, 2 digital stereo inputs for USB, 3 balanced line inputs, 4 unbalanced line inputs and 3 telephone hybrids, two line and one mobile phone, that can operate in conference.
It has 3 analog stereo outputs (PGM, REC & send + return) and 2 USB digital outputs. A complete monitoring system with separate outputs for speakers and headphones of Study and Control that includes logic output muting and tally light. The DX822 connects a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Any mobile can be connected in seconds and used up to ten meters away.
The microphones have excellent 4-band equalizer and audio compression.
The USB digital input / output of the DX822 will eliminate the PC audio cards and the noise and distortion often associated with their connection.

The DX822 has professional 100mm faders, of conductive ceramic technology, with 15-year duration and has a generous 5-year warranty.

Tech Features:

  • 16 Channels; Up to 10 microphones (managed from 6 faders), 4 Lines, 2USB, 3 telephone Hybrids
  • 16 stereo inputs;
    • 10 dynamic or 6 condenser 48V phantom microphones
    • 3 LIN balanced (DIN 5),
    • 4 LIN unbalanced (RCA),
    • 2 digital input USB,
    • 3 Hybrid telephone (RJ11 & Bluetooth),
    • 1 Monitor Air (Jack 6.35 mm)
  • 5 stereo outputs;
    • Digital: PGM Digital USB, REC Digital USB
    • Analogue: Balanced Program (PGM), Balanced Recordings (REC), External Hybrid (send & return)
  • 5 Monitor Stereo Output: Studio monitors, Studio Headphones (with distribution amplifier), Control Room monitors, Control headphones, CUE mono (with internal speaker). With full control logic and muting.
  • 4 Band EQ Mic
  • Microphone Audio Compressor
  • Low Silhouette, flush mounting on any table without cutting it
  • Hybrid with Bluetooth wireless cellphone
  • Professional Attenuators 100mm Conductive Ceramic 15-year life
  • Modular electronics; for easy maintenance
  • Option AoIP to transmit digital audio over Ethernet / Internet
  • External switching power supply: 90-240 V


Unlike other consoles, the DX822 uses ETM-VCA: indirect control on all audio channels. The faders do not handle audio, only control a DC current which in turn commands a variable gain stereo amplifier. The use of conductive ceramic faders, along with this technology, allow their attenuators more than 15 years of use and eliminates noise.

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Tech Specs


  • 10 balanced MIC inputs (XLR) with 48V phantom for up to 6 MICs
  • 2 balanced stereo Line inputs (RJ45)
  • 2 unbalanced stereo Line inputs (RCA)
  • 2 Digital stereo Line inputs (USB) or analog
  • TRS Mini-Jack Line inputs
  • 1 unbalanced stereo Tuner input (On AirMonitor) (TRS)
  • Option AoIP = one or two stereo inputs connected at faders 9 & 10 in DX822


  • 2 bus stereo outputs; PGM & REC, balanced + 4 dBm Max Level +28dBu (10K), +20dBm (600 ohms) RJ45 connector
  • 2 bus unbal stereo outs (PGM & REC) at 0 dBu, TRS Jack connector
  • 2 bus (PGM & REC) Digital stereo USB outputs
  • 2 x Mix-Minus output. One internal and other for external phone hybrid
  • 4 x stereo monitor outs for Speaker & HDP at MCR and Studio, muted
  • ON-AIR signal output for Tally; 12V @ 0,15 A
  • 2 x optional stereo AoIP Outs (RJ45) for Ethernet LAN
  • 2 x optional AES3 / SPDIF
  • Optional USB-Data out for multimedia PC control


  • From MIC-1, MIC-2, MIC-3, MIC-4, MIC-5, MIC-6
  • From Line 9 & 10 in DX822
  • It closes with open fader


  • 20-20.000 Hz +/- 0.5 dB (LIN to PGM)


  • 24 dB @ LIN to PGM Ref + 4dBu


  • Four Bands MIC EQ with In/Out switch; 80 Hz top flat curve, 160 Hz bell shaped, 6,3 kHz bell shaped, 10 kHz top flat
  • Action + 15 dB / -15 dB


  • Fast attack compressor for levelling all Mics when they are over 0 VU level.
  • 20 dB max compression.


  • MIC input, EIN= -120 dBA/150 ohms
  • LINE input, S/N > 75 dBA


  • From Line to PGM > 90 dBA (CD quality)


  • From LINE to PGM out < 0.03 % THD @30-15.000 Hz.


  • 3 line Active Hybrid (2 land lines + Cellular Phone with Bluetooth 4.0 high quality 16 kHz sampling) Automatic On-Air logic: Audio & Logic are managed from a single 100mm slide fader that performs all the operations in error free mode: Protection: with SIOV Varistors against soft lightning discharges up to 2.000 volts


  • External switching power supply 90-240 V @ 50 / 60 Hz [28V@ 1A]


  • DX822= 700 (W) x 350 (D) x 130 mm
  • Shipment box: 750 x 500 x 180 mm
  • Shipment weight: 8 Kg