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This console offers 12 faders in a fixed format. It includes automatic monitor speaker cut off, fader-start, control signalling, interface signalling for automation of external devices

All basic functions of activation, level adjustment and routing have their specific controls on each channel of the console, with a dedicated monitoring area. Dual stereo output buses and cue speaker as standard, with fine input fine adjustment and fader output adjustment on each channel. The Bravo offers in built dual line telephone hybrid for direct connection to telephone line or PBX. The dual VU meters mounted on the turret with flexible viewing angle (90 to 130 degrees) offer monitoring on the Program output and on a selectable output.

The talkback microphone offers send to telephone hybrid or studio headphones selectively to allow communications with callers and presenters. The stereo monitor output is powered by a 10W amplifier to ensure high quality audio output.

Monitoring and Talkback

The monitoring and talkback section is broken up into

  • Telephone hybrid faders
  • Control room monitoring & Studio monitoring
  • Individual control for speakers (MON) and headphones (HPHONES)
  • The audio sent to these devices is selectable between program, audition and cue
  • Air or Ext: selectable off air monitoring, or as an output for time calls or station ID
  • Talkback: Selectable to studio headphones or telephone hybrid channels

Inputs & Outputs:


  • 4 mic/line mono inputs
  • 8 dual stereo line channels
  • Dual telephone hybrid (2 lines)


  • 2 stereo buses (program and audition) plus CUE- in built cue speaker
  • Headphones and monitor output

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