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The ALIO re-invents the portable IP audio-codec. It has been specifically designed for sports reporting applications, and has been optimised for varied situations, including musical events.

Its compact design, resistant to pressure, shocks and even splashes of liquids makes it exceptional for use outdoors, where optimal handling is not always guaranteed.

As with the entire AEQ Phoenix Codec Family, it can connect to other codecs from most manufacturers thanks to the SIP communications protocol, according to the N/ACIP Tech 3326 EBU standard. Additionally, it can be monitored and controlled using ControlPHOENIX management software for all settings, audio routing and call management.

AEQ have identified the importance of ease of use and have designed the Alio with this in mind. When connecting to another AEQ codec, users can take advantage of smart-RTP call initiation protocol for easy connectivity for your presenters. The inclusion of the “HELP” function means that when the presenter is having difficulties, it will be easy for them to contact the technical team for assistance.

– CUE facility for all input signals
– Bi-directional Mono or stereo operation
– Second audio channel for technical coordination (optional license required)
– Audio processing available for each input
– Large codec list (OPUS, non-proprietary and AEQ LD-Extend)
– OLED display and VU-Meters
– 4x MIC inputs (with switchable phantom power)

The control surface was designed bearing in mind that, most of the times, it is not possible to send a
technician to an event offsite. The Alio can be completely controlled from the station or it can
also be controlled locally at the event by using the simple keys on the unit itself. The Alio is even easier to operate when used in conjunction with other AEQ Phoenix family audio codecs. Of course, advanced parameters configuration can always be set up by the technician if required.