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Plug and play, easy to use Outside Broadcast (OB) Kit, designed and produced by Broadcast Components. This kit has everything you need for your next OB event in one handy case.

AEQ Phoenix codecs offer a range of encoding algorithms to suit diverse conditions from low latency high compression through to uncompressed for IP links. Phoenix codecs offer balanced XLR connectors for audio with bidirectional stereo or dual mono communication on each channel. As with the entire Phoenix Codec Family, it can connect to other codecs from most manufacturers thanks to the SIP communications protocol, or through IP based on the extensive algorithm library. The SmartRTP capability of the Phoenix codecs allow a single button push from the OB site to initiate communications, matching algorithms to simplify the startup process for presenters. Adaptive buffer lengths improve continuity of audio during signal variability at your event, or can be fixed to ensure low latency for time critical applications (such as sports commentary).

The use of a dual SIM modem (RUT950) allows multiple carriers (e.g. Telstra and Optus) to be utilised at your event. The external WAN port means you will not have to change settings on the Phoenix Alio between events, keeping startup as simple as possible. The separation of modem and OB codec means the modem can be placed in a position of superior signal strength with a standard Ethernet cable being run to the commentary/OB position. Additionally, external antennae can be attached to improve gain and maximise available network signal. The RUT950 supports 3G, 4G and the brand new 4GX (Telstra), 4G+ (Vodafone and Optus) bands to ensure your OB solution is future-proofed.

Portable Codec Mixer: AEQ Phoenix Alio

The ALIO re-invents the portable IP audio-codec. It has been specifically designed for sports reporting applications, and has been optimised for varied situations, including musical events. Additionally, it can be monitored and controlled using ControlPHOENIX management software for all settings, audio routing and call management.

AEQ have identified the importance of ease of use and have designed the Alio with this in mind. When connecting to another AEQ codec, users can take advantage of smart-RTP call initiation protocol for easy connectivity for your presenters. The inclusion of the “HELP” function means that when the presenter is having difficulties, it will be easy for them to contact the technical team for assistance.


  • CUE facility for all input signals
  • Bi-directional Mono or stereo operation
  • Second audio channel for technical coordination (optional license required)
  • Audio processing available for each input
  • Large codec list (OPUS, non-proprietary and AEQ LD-Extend)
  • OLED display and VU-Meters – 4x MIC inputs (with switchable phantom power)

Audio Codec- Phoenix Mercury and Venus

The Phoenix Mercury (single channel) and Venus (dual channel) codecs offer superior audio quality and control for applications including Studio transmitter link, connection between multiple radio stations and/or outside broadcasts.
The Phoenix family of codecs are software controlled devices offering connection balanced audio connectors and digital audio.

Main Features:

  • Bidirectional communications in a single box. Mono or stereo sources available
  • PC software control allows local and remote control for one or an array of devices
  • Compatible with most codecs on the market with SIP and many audio algorithms supported
  • IP features- adaptive buffer, DHCP, auto clock adjustment, FEC. Connect with AEQ SIP server to simplify IP configuration
  • Continuous data stream to allow embedded data for equipment remote control
  • GPI/GPO for signalling and control
  • Professional balanced audio connectors
  • Optional redundant power supply (Venus) and AAC codecs (all Phoenix)

Dual Sim Modem- RUT950

The RUT950 modem includes a single embedded LTE 4G module to provide a high speed 4G connection or can also use 3G and 2G network services if 4G is unavailable. The router still supports internet distribution via a broadband cable, simply plug it in to the WAN port, set the router to a correct mode and you are ready to browse.
The RUT950 is supplied with 2x Cellular Antennas and 2x WiFi antennas. The cellular antennas can be replaced with an external high gain outdoor antenna if the router is going to be located in a position with poor network signal but there is a strong signal nearby outdoors.

Main Features:

  • Supports Telstra, Optus and Vodafone 4G LTE with full fallback
  • 3x LAN, 1x WAN 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • 2.4 GHz 802.11n WiFi 2X2 MIMO
  • 9 to 36 Vdc Molex connector with 240 Vac power supply
  • Can be powered by 24 Vdc Passive PoE Injector
  • Dynamic DNS, DHCP Relay, Web filters
  • 2x Removable Cellular Antennas, 2x WiFi antennas
  • SMS Config & Ping reboot
  • Dual SIM (standard size) with carrier failover.
  • Cloud-based RMS Remote Fleet Management System Available
  • Telstra.Corp and Private APNs fully functional