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TALENT is AEQ’s ultra-compact IP audiocodec, packed with features with a reduced footprint and price-tag. Ideal for personal use.


  • Stream high-quality audio to the radio studio
  • High-definition preamp and OPUS encoding
  • Use your favourite microphone or headset, even a condenser microphone
  • Excellent transmission quality, both in mono and stereo
  • Superb dynamic range
  • Inappreciable delay in voice and studio return
  • Uses ADSL/optical Internet connections/wireless 3G/4G/5G data connections/Bluetooth connection with your smartphone
  • Supports all types of headphones, low or high impedance:
    • Listen to station audio, local audio, or a mix of both through headphones.
    • The required audio mix can be sent to the headphone side of the headphones to stereo line and Bluetooth outputs. If several people are working on an event, you can connect your TALENTs in a series.
  • Supports all types of microphones, dynamic and condenser, as it has a phantom power supply.
  • Feeds from either a PC’s USB output, 5 to 12 volt power outlet, such as a vehicle battery or a powerbank. In addition, it comes with a power supply for conventional mains electricity.


Control Applications

You don’t need to be a techie. Control and configure your equipment from your Smartphone or computer as well as the physical device.
All front panel controls are available in two applications:

  • PHOENIX CONTROL, PC Software, which allows remote configuration and operation of a fleet of audiocodecs.
  • TALENT PILOT, a smartphone app, which allows you to control and configure the equipment. Compatible with Android and iOS phones. Installed on a smartphone or a Tablet, this app complements or substitutes the functions and controls on the front panel of the device. It is a very user-friendly interface. For more complex configurations, guidance is provided to the user about the technical details to introduce. It makes selection of the call destination and mode easy to select.

Operating Modes:

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