Supporting Oceania Broadcasting

RVR transmitters for PNG

Broadcast Components announces the successful award of low and high power FM transmitter rollout and Digital studio deployment for the Adventist Radio network in Papua New Guinea.

The 28 locations will be deployed with either 1KW or 30W FM Transmitters. The deployment included supporting subsystems of broadcast cabinets (indoor and IP rated outdoor), UPS, RF Cable assemblies, lightning protection and antenna systems.

The Director of Broadcast Components, Shane Pritchard stated:

“We are delighted to be able to support the Adventist Church in providing their voice communications solutions in this region. The successes of this bid, was underpinned by our value statement of Choice with Value. We were able to offer different system configurations, allowing a tailored solution to meet their budget and performance expectations.”

Rishan Gounder the ACTS Service Coordinator for PNG stated, Broadcast Components was invited to design and quote transmission solutions for 28 new sites and studios

The Broadcast Components proposal was selected and approved by Adventist Church Technology Services based on the robust, cost effective design and relationship with Broadcast Components. Supplying the complete system ensured a single point of contact for supply, installation and ongoing support. This design is the initial rollout with additional sites to be added with further funding. The network is satellite fed, with contributions possible from the Broadcast Components supplied studio in Lae, or from Sydney and USA using IP codecs.


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