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Grant Broadcasters Partner with Broadcast Components for Transmission

Grant Broadcasters Partner with Broadcast Components for Transmission

Grant Broadcasters to install 31 FM transmitters as part of a partnership in transmission including combiners and filters, rebroadcast receivers and Studio-Transmitter-Links

Grant Broadcasters is a privately owned Australian regional radio network that today has over 52 broadcast stations nationally, including five in-joint ventures with Capital Radio Network. They also have 45 narrowcast licences that all broadcast the KIX Country format.

Grant Broadcasters is deploying the equipment for new and existing services as part of a transmission infrastructure upgrade and AM/FM conversion. Broadcast Components was pleased to supply:

Working closely with chief broadcast engineer for Tasmania, Bob Blumfelds, and group engineering manager, John Sandles, to ensure the equipment met the specifications of the project and would integrate with existing infrastructure. The Broadcast Components team were able to deliver a proposal which encompassed the low and high power transmission needs of the organisation and exceeded their technical expectations.

“Broadcast Components’ local support and service, domestically available spares for the highly redundant and high-quality equipment offered were integral to our decision-making process. The power conduction studies I undertook showed the Eddystone Broadcast equipment to offer considerable cost advantage to Grant Broadcasters. The ability to work with Broadcast Components as the prime supplier of the transmission equipment made procurement and delivery a much easier process. Their support and communication have been excellent through the sales and deployment process”. Chief Broadcast Engineer, Bob Blumfelds.

Of particular interest to the engineers was the hot swap capability and energy efficiency of the Eddystone Broadcast 7600 transmitters, which utilise common spares from 500W to 10kW ensuring a highly serviceable transmitter fleet. The shared infrastructure is a feature which the BW Broadcast transmitters share with a common power supply from 150-1000W.

“The decision to choose Eddystone Transmitters was based on their ability to provide the combined benefits of critical module hot-swap modules, simple design along with operational power efficiency and low purchase cost” Group Engineering Manager, John Sandles.

Broadcast Components supports all radio stations, from single studio through to multi-site emergency broadcasters and networked stations, aiming to build relationships and ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements, assisting with design, grant support and commissioning.


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