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CHY FM Back On Air Louder Than Ever

CHY FM Back On Air Louder Than Ever

Broadcast Components were delighted to receive a letter of appreciation from Coffs Harbour Youth Community Radio (CHY FM) station manager, Angie Vaughan. CHY FM’s transmitter site was struck by lightning amid all the crazy weather we experienced, destroying their equipment. The station rang Broadcast Components, who immediately sent out a loan transmitter at no cost to get the station back on air and reaching their community.

CHY FM’s transmitter is located on a shared site. As part of the design, Broadcast Components worked with the sites engineer to ensure the new transmitter would suit the shared combiner and antenna array. Ecreso’s FM2000 transmitter met all technical requirements and was chosen for it’s reliability and high efficiency. 

Ecreso’s FM2000 is a compact transmitter jam packed with features including, but not limited to, remote access capabilities, SNMP alarm notifications, Dynamic RDS encoder, Built-In 5-Band Sound Processor, Automation & scheduler, & Single Frequency Network (SFN). SmartFM is a sophisticated, worldwide patented algorithm, or AI, which brings massive benefits to broadcasters and radios. SmartFM lowers energy costs up to 40%, which reduces CO2 emissions. It improves the Total Cost of Ownership of FM broadcasters and elevates FM to an unprecedented level of performance and efficiency. It is an option for all Ecreso transmitters.

Broadcast Components assisted CHY FM with the required documentation for their insurance claim. They have also presented a plan of action to help protect them from this occurring again. Surge protectors and Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) can help safe guard your important transmission gear from the deadly effects of brown outs, surges and power failures.

The FM2000 joins in the rack a BW DSPXtra-FM Processor and BW RBRX Rebroadcast Receiver which Broadcast Components has previously supplied to the transmission site. 


Inovonics Siderstreamers Comparison

The INOmini 635 is a Web-enabled FM receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is essentially a remote-control FM radio with remote audio monitoring capabilities via