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AEQ Forum for ARDS Yolngu Radio

AEQ Forum for ARDS Yolngu Radio

ARDS Yolngu Radio, with Technical Officer Bill “Spud” Murphy and Manager Gaia Osbourne select AEQ Forum IP for their studios in Nhulunbuy.

AEQ is known for its audio distribution, use of Dante Audio over IP (AoIP), cost effective and high quality equipment and ongoing commitment to implementat customer feedback. With a history of more than 35 years in manufacture and development, worldwide audio distribution at both the winter and summer Olympics, World Cups and European games Wireless Components and ARDS Radio were confident in this equipment decision.

Wireless Components were pleased to offer two complete studios including:
– mixing console
– cabling
– microphones
– monitor speakers
– desktop connectors
– headphones
– IT network switches
– PC monitors and arms