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889 FM Tamworth Transmission Upgrade

889 FM Tamworth Transmission Upgrade

Station Manager George Frame has been working with Broadcast Components for many years

As a part of the growth of the station, 88.9FM Tamworth was looking to improve its transmission facilities and on air reliability. Broadcast Components were pleased to offer-
– BW Broadcast TX1500 V2 to complement the existing TX1000
– Eaton 6kVA UPS system
– Broadcast Equipment Rack
– Remote accessible 3G/4G/4GX Modem
– RF switcher

The UPS offers over 3 hours of continuity at full transmitter power output. Thanks to the remote control/monitoring capabilities of the transmitter and UPS, the staff will be alerted if a change occurs. In an emergency situation the output power of the transmitter can be remotely decreased to improve the continuity of the UPS until mains power is restored.

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