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101FM installs complete transmission solution with CBF Grant funding

101FM installs complete transmission solution with CBF Grant funding

101FM (Logan FM) selects TX1000V2 1kW transmitter, DSPX-FM processor and RF switching solution from Broadcast Components.

Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President Sefton Madsen approached Wireless Components to provide pricing and information to assist with his grant application for 101FM. He provided the quotes and photos below.

The aims of the grant application included:

– The purchase of a single 1KW transmitter that would replace the stereo encoder, stereo exciter, hybrid coupler and RF amplifiers.
– The capacity to remain in continuous service by operating both transmitters via dummy loads and coax switching with associated cabling and connectors.

Wireless Components were pleased to provide pricing on units from several of our vendors including the BW Broadcast TX1000 V2, which was selected as the preferred solution based on the following-

“The BW Broadcast TX100V2 “Provides the best value for money and is the best long term solution for the station even though it is not the lowest quote. The reasons are as follows:

  1. The BW Broadcast transmitter has an integral audio processor. In the event of a studio or a link failure the station could be required to transmit from the transmitter site. With the integral audio processor this would mean the correct modulation levels to air could be much more readily maintained.
  2. The BW Broadcast transmitter has a slide in power supplies which means that maintenance could be readily performed at the transmitter site. This would make maintenance much easier, quicker and less costly.
  3. The BW Broadcast transmitter has readily changeable output transistors that again make maintenance much easier and so reducing down time. 
  4. The BW Broadcast transmitter has lower power consumption than the other two transmitters. 
  5. The BW Broadcast transmitter has the ability to be controlled remotely and provide alarms via an ethernet connection rather than an RS232 on the TEX1000 or MIZAR 1000. This would make setting up remote transmitter management much easier and less costly in the future.”


The feature set of the V2 transmitters was key in winning the business for Broadcast Components, and essential to the success of Sefton’s grant application. The DSPX-FM was selected as the primary broadcast processor, and was pleased to report:


After their successful CBG grant application, Sefton and 101FM were able to create a fully redundant solution using an STL link (previous sale), audio processor, transmitter  and RF switch cabled and supplied by Broadcast Components.


“The fact is that the transmitter is much easier to maintain than it was making the station much more robust in the event of equipment failures.”


Broadcast Components is pleased to provide choice with value in broadcast equipment from the microphone to transmitter and outside broadcast. Contact us for a quote today.


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