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Novaris Coaxial Surge Protection

Novaris Coaxial Surge Protection

Novaris RF Equipment Protection gas discharge surge protectors are capable of passing RF signals to 3GHz (limited by connector type). N-type female / female protectors are suitable for bulkhead mounting. These handy little products could save your equipment from extensive damage associated with lightning strikes. We highly recommend the Novaris range due to it’s ease of installation. They can be retrofitted for existing set ups and come in a variety of connectors. We can help you select the appropriate product to suit your equipment and RF cabling already in place. They are fitted in line and the grounding is included within the device. In the event of a power surge or lightning strike on your tower, mast or structure, inspect your surge protector and replace if the gas tube has activated.


Inovonics Siderstreamers Comparison

The INOmini 635 is a Web-enabled FM receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is essentially a remote-control FM radio with remote audio monitoring capabilities via