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New upcoming Dante training courses online

New upcoming Dante training courses online

Over the next few months Audinate will be hosting a series of Dante Certification training courses online.

All Dante Certification courses will be taught to the new “second edition,” which includes:

  • how to incorporate video to your network
  • more than 10 new Dante features options explained
  • more sophisticated and relatable networking coursework to support the way people wish to use Dante, today

The new class format also includes demonstrations of working Dante systems, for a lively look at how these features operate. Whether you are taking the class for the first time, or looking for a quick refresher, the “second edition” can help many in our industry strengthen their skills.

The Dante Certification program provides an easy way for system designers, engineers and others in the industry to learn about Dante with in-depth training and promote their expertise. The certification program demonstrates your Dante proficiency to potential employers and clients. The certification program currently has three levels and one elective dedicated to Dante AV, but the goal is to add specializations by industry role in the future.

Enrol and get more information on the DANTE Certification Program here.


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