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New from AEQ- Forum IP Split

New from AEQ- Forum IP Split

Allow the flexibility of Dante AoIP and the Forum IP Split to redefine your studio

Split forum 700



AEQ’s FORUM digital consoles have been a great solution for broadcasters since 2010.The request from customers for even more flexibility has led to the SPLIT version of the AEQ FORUM IP Console. The Console is now a solution with a separate Audio Engine and SPLIT Control Surface modules allowing a more ergonomically and logical installation of the console in today’s space constrained Radio Studios.
The interconnection of modules and engine is a simple task and through standard shielded CAT5 Cables with RJ45 connectors, with the full functionality of the Forum IP which will be available alongside this new design

The FORUM incorporates all of the features necessary for any studio including: automatic monitor speaker cut-off, cough muting, fader start, control signalling, interface signalling for automation of external equipment, external communications management, intercom, etc.

The control surface can be configured with a minimum of 4 faders, and easily expanded to 8 or even 12 channels with the standard chassis. If you opt for the GRAND FORUM Chassis, the mixer can expand to up to 20 freely assignable fader channels.

Internal routing capability: any combination of 64 inputs/outputs of analogue, digital, or microphone, plus an additional 64 input / output signals via a MADI multi-channel link

Main features

  • System signals can be assigned to any control channel.
  • 4 direct-routing buttons on each channel.
  • Integrated talk-back microphone input, 2 precision stereo VU meters and pre-fader monitor speakers.
  • Supports a maximum of 14 input/output modules: 4 can be dual MICRO / LINE modules, and 2 can be digital hybrids.
  • Integrated MICRO/LINE input for talk-back and self-operation, studio and control room speaker and headphone outputs.
  • Supports AES/EBU and S-PDIF digital formats.
  • 8 GPI and 8 GPO (opto-isolated) and 4 GPO relay outputs.
  • Available audio effects: 3 band equalizer, high pass and low pass filters, compressor/limiter, and noise gate.8 GPO (opto-isolated) and 4 GPO relay outputs.


  • Dual line digital telephone hybrid
  • Backup power supply
  • Virtual Forum software ‚Äì complete remote control software
  • Faders modules ‚Äì allows you to config the console to meet current and future requirements
  • Madi module – bi-directional fibre-optic connection for 64 digital audio channels
  • Micro/line input module
  • Analogue input and output  modules
  • Digital input/output module
  • USB digital input/output module
  • Digital telephone hybrid module
  • FR14 card for AoIP compatibility



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