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New Eddystone Lance Transmitter

New Eddystone Lance Transmitter

Eddystone’s solution designed for broadcast into limited resource areas or remote communities

Compact, Easily Deployed, Multiple Option Delivery – Self Contained Broadcast System

  • Eddystone’s solution designed for broadcast into limited resource areas or remote communities
  • Used to extend coverage beyond the main transmission or broadcast of another program or language
  • Completely self contained and easily deployed with pre-configured settings
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements, can be attached to any suitable pole or side of building and a power supply
  • Multiple inputs options for broadcast of FM transmission with built in antenna
  • Broadband 150W FM band II giving a radius of >15kM dependant on topography

Versatile Signal Input:

  • 3G Telephone network
  • IP and or Wi-Fi
  • Satellite or UHF STL links

Audio Options:

  • Data or MP3 Audio
  • FM receiver – rebroadcaster

Easily Deployed:

  • Installed in the field on telephone, electrical, or other suitable pole (or building if available). Just add power


  • Factory and/or remote control settings for easy setup and operation

Lance transmitter 1

Lance transmitter 2



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