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New COBALT Firmware update version 1.10.1

New COBALT Firmware update version 1.10.1

The latest COBALT firmware update  version 1.10.1 is now available to download. This update is available for all models in the COBALT range. This release and has some new functions and features.

NEW Features:

  • •    Option to set custom NTP server.
    •    Factory reset keeping network settings, or full unit reset.
    •    LED ring around joystick pulses red if there is Fault/Alarm and Alarm/Fault LED is not visible during screensaver.
    •    Added Front Panel Lock Screen
    •    Double click to reset input.
    •    if stuck on lock screen, can be disabled in web interface, continue by any move.
    •    buttons are disabled if lock screen is on.
    •    Diagnostics page.
    •    Changed power step resolution on C-30, C-50 and C-100 to 0.5W

Also check out the video below which shows how easy and fast it is to update the firmware on all COBALT Fully-featured FM Transmitters.

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