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Is a vendor-agnostic and open end-to-end monitoring and control (M&C) software that transforms how media and broadcast companies oversee their connected infrastructures and devices. This simple yet powerful platform helps them meet their critical challenges of ensuring operational continuity and efficiency across the entire value chain, from media acquisition, production, and down to distribution in an increasingly digital and IP-based environment.

Across KYBIO’s unified and intuitive web interface, users have access to a unique combination of modules for real-time supervision, management, and control their entire infrastructure, no matter how large or complex it may be.



How to use AEQ’s Talent

So you’ve got a new Talent, now what? Talent offers flexible and comprehensive connectivity.  Supports low or high-impedance headphones. Compatible with Dynamic or condenser micro-phones,  as

Rode Unveils The Rodecaster Pro II

THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL ALL-IN-ONE AUDIO SOLUTION FOR CONTENT CREATORS RØDE has unveiled its most revolutionary audio innovation to date: the RØDECaster Pro II. A fully

Be energy savvy with SMART FM

SmartFM technology A new paradigm in energy savings. SmartFM is a sophisticated, worldwide patented algorithm, or AI, which brings massive benefits to broadcasters and radios.

CHY FM Back On Air Louder Than Ever

Broadcast Components were delighted to receive a letter of appreciation from Coffs Harbour Youth Community Radio (CHY FM) station manager, Angie Vaughan. CHY FM’s transmitter